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Our highly trained and experienced staff offer hemodialysis at PRI Medical Center at an affordable cost. Our team of Nephrology Physician Specialists, Resident Doctors, Dialysis Nurses, and support staff provides exceptional care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease or End-Stage Renal Disease. Efficient scheduling and prompt service delivery are prioritized.

Our hospital staff diligently maintains a clean environment to protect dialysis patients from contamination and prevent cross-infection.

Importance of Kidneys

Kidneys are essential for maintaining the body’s acid-base balance, excreting waste products, excess water, and certain salts. When kidney failure occurs, these processes are disrupted, and dialysis becomes necessary for renal replacement.

Qualified Personnel

A trained registered hemodialysis nurse or physician must perform hemodialysis procedures.

Procedure Environment

Hemodialysis treatments occur in a dedicated room, where a registered nurse ensures optimal conditions (cleanliness, proper chair, machine placement, etc.). The unit must have sinks with running water, hand soap, and disinfectant dispensers. Surfaces and equipment used for procedure preparation should be cleaned and disinfected, with necessary materials placed on a disinfected table or trolley. Consult the machine user manual for preparation instructions.