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Patient & Visitors Guide

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Patient Admission


We aim to provide a streamlined healthcare management system that leads to the best clinical outcomes. We communicate ethically and professionally with patients, relatives, and referring doctors or hospitals. To ensure that our policies and registration processes are clear, we explain them thoroughly.

Documents accomplished upon admission

  • Patient Information Sheet
  • Consent forms:
  • Consent for hospital management and care
  • Data privacy statement
  • Discharge/home against medical advice
  • Guarantee of payment form
  • At least one co-worker should sign it
  • Explain to the patient and relative that these are legally binding documents.
  • Philhealth Benefit Eligibility Form (PBEF)
  • For DIRECT ADMISSIONS, the medical admissions clerk checks if a doctor’s order sheet has been given to the patient and informs the ER Staff.

Documents Accomplished Upon Admission:

We require patients to complete several documents upon admission to ensure the best possible care. These include the Patient Information Sheet, Consent Forms (including Consent for hospital management and maintenance, Data privacy statement, Discharge/home against medical advice, and Guarantee of payment form), and the Philhealth Benefit Eligibility Form (PBEF). We ask that at least one co-worker sign these legally binding documents.