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About Us

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Who We Are

PRI Medical Center is a 100-bed, level II, DOH accredited, general hospital located at the heart of Angeles City, Pampanga, that provides globally competent healthcare services through its specialized and competent physicians.

PRI Medical Center was borne through the undeniable efforts and achievements of the Philippine Rehabilitation Institute Foundation Inc., the network of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine centers that started in the year 1980 in San Fernando, Pampanga. PRIFI is the pioneer of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine all over Central Luzon, reaching a total of 14 branches in the region, which provided globally recognized allied health medical services. These projects were simultaneously conceived and established with the two educational institutions of PRI College of Sciences in Banawe, Quezon City, Metro Manila in the year 1995 and in Guagua, Pampanga by the year 2005, which both offered courses such as Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, Medical Technology, and Radiology Technology.

PRI Medical Center is majestically situated on a 3.2-hectare land at the heart of Angeles City, Pampanga, with ample parking space for its clients and patients. It respects the boundaries of mother nature and promotes a therapeutic patient environment with its 215 KW solar power plant, with net-zero carbon emission to the atmosphere.

It offers its services through its high-end diagnostic and laboratory equipment, intensive care units, operating and delivery rooms, a 24-hour pharmacy, heart station, an emergency room, a dialysis unit, hygienic

patient’s rooms, and penthouses, and world-class physical therapy and rehabilitation medicine center for musculoskeletal and neurologic diseases.

Its high-caliber specialists are composed of internal medicine doctors, who are sub-specialized in cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonology, nephrology, neurology, and gastroenterology. Surgical services are offered through its commendable roster of general surgeons, maxillofacial surgeons, urologists, and orthopedic surgeons. Its Maternity and Well Baby services are composed of competent obstetrics and gynecology specialists and pediatricians.

PRI Medical Center envisions a future wherein quality healthcare is streamlined and delivered to all social classes in the Philippines, without discrimination, dignified, and promulgated with ethical and moral values.

Our Mission

PRI Medical Center is committed to providing globally competent healthcare services through sustainable healthcare operations in collaboration with healthcare specialists to deliver compassionate service to the community, grounded by moral and ethical practices.

Our Vision

PRI Medical Center envisions itself as the healthcare frontier as a tertiary healthcare institution and center of academic excellence in medicine and research in Central Luzon by the year 2030, aligned with the principles and objectives of Universal Health Care, environmental and operational sustainability, to provide affordable, compassionate and inclusive healthcare to all.

Core Values


All our protocols and standard operating procedures should be well aligned with our mission-vision, focusing on efficiency of healthcare delivery to our patients and management of the overall business, protecting the best interest of our patients and stakeholders.


We should continuously be creative and think outside the box making our daily operations sustainable and profitable.


We should be able to predict outcomes in the healthcare industry along with the limitations of healthcare supply chain and insurance systems, in order to be a few steps ahead in streamlining affordable healthcare in the Philippines.


Our institution promises to treat everyone with kindness, respect and dignity the way each human being deserves to be treated, regardless of race, creed, social status and religion.