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Operating Room

Experience state-of-the-art facilities and advanced equipment to ensure safe operations. Our experienced specialists provide excellent care and treatment.

Scheduling Consideration: Our OR scheduling process begins one day before your scheduled surgery date. This careful planning is essential for the smooth coordination of all aspects of your surgery, involving ward staff, surgeons, and our dedicated OR team.

Policy for a Smooth Process:

  1. Timely Submission: The list of elective surgery cases is collected one day before your scheduled surgery. This early collection ensures that there is enough time for proper coordination.
  2. Approval: Before the list is finalized, it is approved by the head nurse. This step helps ensure that all necessary arrangements are made for your surgery.
  3. OR Nurse Confirmation: The list is then signed by the OR nurse on duty, confirming that all preparations are in order.
  4. Complete Notification: It’s essential that the notification is complete and accurate. This includes indicating the name of the surgeon responsible for your care and ensuring all necessary details are provided.
  5. Priority for High-Risk Patients: Patients with specific medical conditions, such as Diabetes (DM), Hypertension (HPN), or Bronchial Asthma, receive priority scheduling. This ensures that those who may require special attention are cared for appropriately.
  6. No Elective Cases on Sundays: We prioritize your safety and the cleanliness of our facilities. Therefore, elective surgeries are not scheduled on Sundays, which is designated as a cleaning day for the OR.
  7. Documentation: To maintain transparency, two copies of the Operating Room notification are made. One copy is kept on your patient unit, and the other is sent to the OR. This ensures that everyone involved in your care is aware of the scheduled surgery.