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The PRI Emergency Department (ER) is staffed with expert physicians, nurses, and emergency personnel around the clock, ready to address any medical or surgical emergency.

ER-Patient Assessment Care:

  1. All patients visiting the ER for emergency medical examinations or treatment will receive care based on Triage Level (CTAS) by qualified personnel that corresponds to their condition’s severity.
  2. All patients will receive evaluation and care regardless of age, sex, race, nationality, criminal status, medical condition, or ability to pay. If unable to pay, the emergency department can stabilize the patient, refer them to a social worker, or transfer them to a nearby government facility.
  3. Upon arrival at the ER, patients will be registered by the ER Clerk and attended to by ER staff under the supervision of on-duty Residents or an accredited attending physician from PRI Medical Center. ER Residents are responsible for determining the patient’s appropriate treatment and disposition.
  4. The assessment includes, but is not limited to:
    • Initial evaluation of the patient’s physical, developmental, and psycho-social status.
    • Appropriate treatment setting.
    • Patient’s treatment preferences.
    • Patient’s nutritional and functional status.
    • Proper evaluation and assessment of potential abuse victims.
  5. A suitable discharge planning process addressing the patient’s medical, developmental, psychological, and functional needs.
  6. All patients seen in the ER must be registered with a hospital number by the ER Clerk. Term pregnant patients may be directly triaged to the Labor and Delivery area.

Patients presenting with hand injuries, head trauma, poisonings, and burns will be evaluated according to triage level (CTAS) by ER staff nurses under the supervision of Residents or an accredited attending physician from PRI Medical Center.

PRI Emergency Department Design

The PRI-Medical Center Emergency Room (ER) is designed to provide safe and effective care to patients according to their Triage Category (CTAS= Resuscitation T1, Emergent T2, Urgent T3, Less Urgent T4, Non-Urgent T5).

The emergency room at PRI-Medical Center (PRI-MC) is on the same level as the emergency entrance.

The ER at PRI-MC features well-lit ambulance and pedestrian entrances, which are easily identifiable by signs and shielded from inclement weather. Access ramps are available for patients who use wheelchairs or those on stretchers.

The entrances to the PRI-MC ER are spacious enough to accommodate patients, medical personnel, and equipment safely.

Stretchers and wheelchairs are stored near the ambulance entrance without obstructing entry.

A waiting area, restrooms, and telephones are available for patients and their companions.

Unauthorized individuals are not permitted in the ER treatment area, with Public Safety assisting ER staff in maintaining order.

The ER’s Critical Care area serves as both the receiving and admitting extent for seriously ill or injured patients.

The PRI-MC ER is designed to ensure patient privacy without compromising care.

The PRI-Medical Center’s minor operating room (OR) is an emergency minor OR and trauma room.