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Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

At PRI, your baby’s health is our top priority. Our team of pediatricians, nurses, and other specialists is available to address any complications or emergencies that may arise. Our pediatric ICU provides round-the-clock care.

Duties and Responsibilities of NICU/Nursery Nurse:

  • Care for infants transitioning to life outside the womb.
  • Perform life-sustaining care and monitor vital signs.
  • Ensure proper breathing and maturation of infants.
  • Conduct newborn nursing assessments and obtain anthropometric measurements.
  • Weigh neonates and provide necessary newborn care or specialized care.
  • Educate mothers on breastfeeding and proper techniques.
  • Provide nutritional assessments and specialized feedings.
  • Perform various medical tasks, including changing dressings, inserting catheters, and starting IVs.
  • Administer and record prescribed medications and report any adverse reactions.
  • Monitor vital signs, initiate corrective actions when necessary, and communicate patient conditions to the care team.
  • Assist physicians during examinations, treatments, and procedures, including life-saving situations.
  • Educate and instruct patients’ families.
  • Participate in discharge planning and maintain accurate, concise, and timely patient care records.
  • Communicate with and educate parents on daily operations and home-care procedures.
  • Collaborate with upper-level nurses and physicians in treatment plans and examinations.
  • Perform other position-related duties as assigned, depending on the assignment setting.